Intro: Lou Sumray

Hi, I’m Lou, I try and understand the world a little better through drawing and think maybe other people can too, everybody can use this language and one of my aims in schools, on the streets, in places of community, gatherings is to speak using this language and allow others to do so too, easily. I was lucky enough to visit São Paulo on this project and an awful lot was said, as you can imagine. I shall try and post some of those visuals and see if anyone else can gather or see or comprehend or interpret something from what might have been said.

This was a planning meeting we had in São Paulo before the residential 
I’m just learning how to post things so it may come out quite random, I have a few stop motion videos I made but they have massive memories ( digital I mean rather than cerebral although they have those too!!) and I need help working out how to post them!

I jumped ahead earlier in my excitement about posting something without a better introduction of the kind of work I do.Anything to do with encouraging drawing and looking, not necessarily in the “traditional drawing classroom”.