Intro: Anni Raw

I’m one of the group of 3 researchers based in the UK who have started this exciting conversation – this project for sharing understandings and perceptions of how spaces of creativity and collaborative arts can catalyse change: creative spaces of transformation.

The project is based at the University of Leeds, in my department: the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies. I myself have had a nomadic work life, underpinned by creativity, music and arts, change, people and groups, humanitarianism, and concern for social justice. My practice is now as a researcher exploring ways to understand and communicate about complex arts practices within social contexts; as well as developing ways of supporting reflective practice within arts organisations. I spent 10 years as a singer and a community musician; my motivation was to challenge perceptions, inequalities and injustice through song, have a fantastic time making music, and encourage ‘communities’ of optimistic, powerful voice, for change (political, social, personal, community…) – and activism.

I will post some of the ideas behind the questions this project has raised – and invite everyone on this blog to contribute thoughts, experiences, practical examples, in whatever language is most comfortable… the questions we start with will develop with everyone’s input… can’t wait for that to happen!

And we will begin to share some of our experiences from the meeting in São Paulo in September, attended by 20 of us from Brazil, the UK and Mexico…