Intro: Eleanor Barrett and Rosie Freeman, Brick Box

Hi everyone, excited to be a part of these discussions! My colleague Eleanor and I are artists and co-directors of The Brick Box. We’re an arts organisation and social enterprise based in London but working across the UK, particularly in Bradford (where we collaborate with people like Chemaine and Lou who are also part of this group). Our work is always live and aims to empower people to take part in arts and cultural activity in underused spaces. We’re interested in the journey people go on when they engage imaginatively. We often work in places which are considered to be undesirable in some way and have produced work in loading bays, markets, services lifts and many other places…I could go on forever but I’m going to share some images and maybe a video or two to give a sense of Us!

A gathering during our recent Electric Fireside project in County Durham. We were working with different groups in the district, formed around suicide prevention. This group was mainly ex-miners and the event was in the garden of their social centre. During the course of the evening we shared food, stories and company.

Some photos from our recent Little Light Nights project which comprised of 4 site responsive events in Bradford and London, all with interactive light-related artwork, music and dancing. The events were all in public realm spaces which we consider to be underused community assets.

One of the Little Light Night events: