Horniman ideas

From Hilary Ramsden

so where exactly do our replies to posts appear?? I’ve commented/replied to 2 posts but I can’t see them, so wondering if anyone else can see them??

here is a reply to Lou’s post (and Sarah’s subsequent post) about the Horniman funding thing: a great idea, but as you say seat of the pants deadline…also the amount of ££ would probably not be enough to bring our friends back as well as working to create something….unless there would be dosh from a Brazilian fund to pay for flights/accomodation etc. I am up for creating something for the last 2 dates in August for a family thing….something site-specific in the gardens…will have a brief think…to see if it’s worth it….

Xandi & Roger workshop

From Christina Holdsworth

Hey All, Here are your answers to Xandi and Roger’s workshop. Apologies as I don’t appear to have everyone’s and they’re not all in focus. Technology fail sorry!!! Hopefully you guys have got photo’s of your own if its not on here and if not lets remember what Sarah and Ueda said. We’re to work on these so let’s get creative and perhaps re-do them if there isn’t a photo. Sorry if I don’t have yours but looking forward to seeing the end results!!!!